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You Need A Hobby!

by Darryl L. Mobley

Do you have a hobby that you love? One that consumes you? I certainly hope so.

One of the subscribers to my Success eNewsletter (Jim W. from GUITAR-MAN250X329Tennessee) sent me information on his hobby. I loved his stories and the photos. Jim collects, re-tools, and races Mustangs. His hobby caused him to meet his wife of 40+ years, meet folks who have become friends, bond with younger members of his family, and travel. He tells me that his car hobby has even kept him young! That’s good stuff. [CLICK THE CONTINUE READING LINK TO SEE MY LIST OF 214 HOBBIES>>>

Jim closed his letter to me with this: “Mustangs, and the people who love them, are two of my favorite parts of life! Regarding my hobby — I live it and love it. I hope that everyone can find something similar that they love and are passionate about, and live it, too!”

Wow! [Thanks Jim!!!]

Here’s my question to you: What’s Your Hobby?

Here are some of the benefits of having your own wonderful hobby obsession:

1. It is an important aspect of having a well-balanced life.

2. Because it is something that you enjoy and do voluntarily, you will become happyCAMERA-HOBBY250X185 every time that you find yourself working on your hobby.

3. A hobby will challenge your thinking, and strengthen you mentally.

4. You become better at managing your time (so that you can get to your hobby).

5. Having a hobby will calm you.

6. You will never be caught bored and with nothing to do. Your hobby will always be there to fill your free time.

Your hobby can be anything that you LOVE to do. It doesn’t have to be expensive or take away from other important parts of your life. When you find the hobby that is FISHING-MAN250X167right for you, you will find it to be the perfect friend, ready to be picked up whenever you have a chance.

So again I ask: What’s Your Hobby?

If you don’t have a hobby or you are looking for another one – I have listed below 214 hobbies that you should look over and choose from. You are bound to find some new hobbies that get your blood racing.

By the way – send me information and photos on you and your life, your hobbies, and your magnificent obsessions. Email it to Hobbies@CoachMobley.com . Include your full name and any other interesting tidbits I should know.


Remember – You DO deserve to live a great life.

Enjoy Life!

Darryl’s Hobby List

1. Aeromodeling

2. Amateur Astronomy

3. Amateur Radio

4. Animals/pets/dogsBALLOON-FLIGHT250X150

5. Arts

6. Astrology

7. Astronomy

8. Backgammon

9. Baseball

10. Basketball

11. Beach/Sun tanning

12. Beachcombing

13. Beadwork

14. Beatboxing

15. Becoming A Child Advocate

16. Bell Ringing

17. Belly Dancing

18. Bicycling

19. Bird watchingSAIL-BOAT-2-250X377

20. Birding

21. BMX

22. Blogging

23. Board Games

24. Boating

25. Body Building

26. Bonsai Tree

27. Bowling

28. Brewing Beer

29. Bridge

30. Bringing Food To The Disabled

31. Building A House For Habitat For Humanity

32. Building Dollhouses

33. Butterfly Watching

34. Button Collecting

35. Calligraphy

36. Camping

37. Candle Making

38. Canoeing

39. Car Racing

40. Casino Gambling

41. Cave DivingGOLF-BALL250X166

42. Chess

43. Church/church activities

44. Cigar Smoking

45. Cloud Watching

46. Coin Collecting

47. Collecting

48. Collecting Antiques

49. Collecting Artwork

50. Compose Music

51. Computer activitiesCHESS-1-250X376

52. Cooking

53. Crafts

54. Crafts (unspecified)

55. Crochet

56. Crocheting

57. Cross-Stitch

58. Crossword Puzzles

59. Dancing

60. Diecast Collectibles

61. Digital Photography

62. Dolls

63. Dominoes

64. Drawing

65. Dumpster Diving

66. Eating out

67. Educational Courses

68. Electronics

69. Embroidery

70. Entertaining

71. Exercise (aerobics, weights)

72. Fast cars

73. Fishing

74. Football

75. Four Wheeling

76. Freshwater Aquariums

77. Frisbee Golf

78. Games

79. Gardening

80. Garage Sales

81. Genealogy

82. Houseboating

83. Going to movies

84. Golf

85. Go Kart Racing

86. Grip Strength

87. Guitar

88. Handwriting Analysis

89. Hang gliding

90. Hiking

91. Home Brewing

92. Home Repair

93. Home Theater

94. Horse riding

95. Hot air ballooning

96. Hula Hoping

97. Hunting

98. Illusion

99. Internet

100. Jet Engines

101. Jewelry Making

102. Jigsaw Puzzles

103. Juggling

104. Keep A Journal

105. Kites

106. Kite Boarding

107. Knitting

108. Knotting

109. Learn to Play Poker

110. Learning A Foreign Language

111. Learning An Instrument

112. Learning To Pilot A Plane

113. Lagos

114. Listening to music

115. Macramé

116. Magic

117. Making Model Cars

118. Matchstick Modeling

119. Meditation

120. Metal Detecting

121. Model Rockets

122. Modeling Ships

123. Models

124. Motorcycles

125. Mountain Biking

126. Mountain Climbing

127. Musical Instruments

128. Needlepoint

129. Owning An Antique Car

130. Origami

131. Painting

132. Paintball

133. Papermaking

134. Parachuting

135. People Watching

136. Photography

137. Piano

138. Pinochle

139. Playing music

140. Playing team sports

141. Pottery

142. Puppetry

143. Pyrotechnics

144. Quilting

145. Rafting

146. Radio Controlled Trains

147. Radio Controlled Boats

148. Radio Controlled Cars

149. Radio Controlled Helicopters

150. Radio Controlled Planes

151. Reading

152. Reading To The Elderly

153. Relaxing

154. Renting movies

155. Rescuing Abused Or Abandoned Animals

156. Robotics

157. Rock Collecting

158. Rockets

159. Rocking AIDS Babies

160. Running

161. Saltwater Aquariums

162. Scrapbooking

163. Scuba Diving

164. Sewing

165. Shark Fishing

166. Skeet Shooting

167. Shopping

168. Singing In Choir

169. Skateboarding

170. Sketching

171. Sky Diving

172. Sleeping

173. Smoking Pipes

174. Snorkeling

175. Soap Making

176. Soccer

177. Socializing with friends/neighbors

178. Spelunkering

179. Spending time with family/kids

180. Stamp Collecting

181. Storytelling

182. String Figures

183. Surf Fishing

184. Swimming

185. Tea Tasting

186. Tennis

187. Tesla Coils

188. Tetris

189. Textiles

190. Tombstone Rubbing

191. Tool Collecting

192. Toy Collecting

193. Train Collecting

194. Travel

195. Traveling

196. Treasure Hunting

197. Turning Business Around

198. Tutoring Children

199. TV watching

200. Urban Exploration

201. Video Games

202. Volunteer

203. Walking

204. War Gaming

205. Watching sporting events

206. Windsurfing

207. Wine Making

208. Woodworking

209. Working In A Food Pantry

210. Working on cars

211. Writing

212. Writing eNewsletters and articles

213. Yoga

214. YoYo

About Darryl L. Mobley
For coaching, you may email Darryl at Info@CoachMobley.com. Known as the “Bulldog of Work-Life Balance,” Darryl Mobley is a top Life Coach, an in-demand Executive Coach, a Business-Growth Consultant, a Professional Speaker, and host of The Darryl Mobley Show: Your Life Coach On The Radio. For info, visit www.CoachMobley.com . Darryl is also president of the Association of Small Business Marketers. For info, visit www.BusinessGrowthAce.com . © 2010 Darryl L. Mobley

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