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2 Responses to “JOIN DARRYL´S CLUB

  1. Greetings!

    What a fantastic program! I cannot believe that you are in Austin, TX. This really makes me think of something I read in Dennis Kimbro’s “Think and Grow Rich”. He recounted a story of a farmer who gave up his land because it wasn’t yielding anything, then the next person to own that land found an enormous diamond, the first farmer was sitting on Acres of Diamonds but didn’t know it or couldn’t see it!

    I have been preoccupied with leaving Austin for different reasons, mainly because I feel that success has eluded me, and then I came upon your radio show! Wow! I am now re-focused. Your tips have been invaluable, now all I have to do is apply them. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with Austin, it’s me. I’ve got to work on my plan.

    I look forward to becoming more involved with your program. Thank you so much for what you do!

    Kinaya Ulbrich

  2. admin says:


    Your comments thrill me! I know and have worked with Dennis Kimbro and he is a tremendous communicator of the principles of success.

    I am also happy that YOU are taking back your power to create and live your BEST life!

    See you around Austin!

    Enjoy Life!


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