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Work-Life Balance Tip #68

Okay Boss. What’s Your Poison?

You’re working hard on the 2 or 3 projects that you and your boss have agreed are of primary importance to achieving the business goals. You are maxed out work life balance tip 68time-wise. Then – suddenly… Your boss shows up with a new, favorite project for you to work on — starting right now!

What do you do — if you know that you cannot do all of the projects well, given the time demands?

*INSIGHT* – Some bosses are fire-drill starters. These are the managers who can’t say “no” to their own bosses and/or don’t have the ability to prioritize. So, you are jerked back and forth on every new project that your boss comes up with. All too often this leaves you unable to do a really good job on the projects that really matter. And in the end, YOU get blamed for the lack of achievement.

So again: What do you do? Here is my suggestion:

Deal with your boss directly. Ask your boss which of the projects is the number 1 priority and absolutely must get done. Which is number 2 and should get done? Which is number 3 and only gets done after number 1 and 2 get done? And so on.

I have found that this approach helps train your boss and serves to keep unnecessary fire-drills to a minimum. Most importantly, it forces your boss to DECIDE what must be done and what is only a nice-to-do project.

The benefit to you? Better time management and ultimately… greater Work-Life Balance.

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Work-Life Balance Is A Choice.

Enjoy Life!

Remember – You DO Deserve To Live A Great Life!

Darryl L. Mobley

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    As Charlie Sheen says, this article is “WINNING!”

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