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6 Responses to “LISTEN TO THE SHOW

  1. pat says:

    what is the email address the one you gave on the radio won’t go through

  2. Sam says:

    1. Before you hook up, take the advice of someone you respect, as to whether you should extend the relationship to the next level or not.
    2. If its too late, take the person to church with you, if they will or take a Bible Study together.
    3. Do a self exam and have someone you respect evaluate you to see if you are the problem.
    4. Given the appropriate answer to 1, 2, and 3, begin the process of puting your self into a position of self sufficiency, so that you don’t require the relationship.
    5. Sever the relationship, by moving out.

  3. Steve Manning says:

    I dialed the wrong number; 836-2837. I serve as pastor of a local Missionary Baptist Church.

    My parenting challenge is how to be child to my parent and parent to my child(ren). Specifically, how do I give advice? How do I state my opinion without it sounding like policy.

    My mother really upset me yesterday with what I view as an unwavering viewpoint. So I said, “mother, you have to allow room for the fact that everyone does not see things the same way!”

    My children, although in law school and undergraduate school, are still slightly tethered to us financially, (one in Toledo, one in Chicago). And, like the first caller I recognize the variableness in raising young adults. I accept and applaude the cord cutting that comes with independence. I trust that whatever values and lessons they learned in our household will provide fertile ground for growth into responsible adulthood. I pray for them.

    512-826-5532 cell
    I am a first time listener. This is the first time I’ve contacted you. I listened briefly this morning. I was thankful to hear the little bit I heard. Thank you.

  4. LaVerne Gray says:

    The Summit was totally AMAZING! My family has been calling and texting to say how much they learned and how much they enjoyed it. You and your family are a living testimony. Thanks for walking the talk. Thanks for taking time to give us a million dollar winning to pass down through the generations to come. This is life changing. It is one thing to give information that will change lives but with such passion and desire to make a difference is breath taking. I am only impressed by things of quality and integrity and I was overwhelmed and in AWE!
    You all served up a meal fit for kings and queens and you all did it with such class. Thanks for everything.

  5. Elizabeth Price says:

    I happened to have been in attendance at the graduation party you attended on June 4, 2011 and was mobile during your show this morning and could not call in.

    My advice to graduating seniors is “Remember and Believe in YOUR value (worth) to:

    -Your family
    -the community
    -the world

    You may encounter those who do not support YOU as such and may cause to become a “Trash Pile” item if you are prone to following their lead. Some valuabe items may be collected from trash piles, other are never found.

    Stay out of the “Trash Pile”.

    Raven’s grandmother

  6. Lisa Galizia says:

    Love your show! I called in today and I think you said I could listen( to myself HAHA) on your website? If so please let me know how to navigate.
    Thanks! Lisa :)

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