Want Your Business To Succeed? Here’s How.

By Darryl L. Mobley

Reasons for Business Success or Failure

Why do the few businesses achieve magnificent success and the majority live on the edge of failure? This question has challenged me since I was a young boy. You should know that besides my work as a Life & Executive Coach, I am also a Business-Growth Coach to clients across the country. This means that I spend a good deal of my time studying what makes businesses succeed and applying those techniques and strategies to client businesses.

We have all heard of the folks who started with little and went on to drive their businesses to massive success. Surely there must be a set of action steps or “laws” that you and I could apply to grow our own businesses and live our best lives.

I grew up in an area where “living in lack” was just the way it was. As a child, I wondered why it was like that for everyone I lived around. In addition, as a teen I was a counselor at a summer camp that catered to the children of very well-off – even wealthy – families. I noticed that the kids (and their successful-in-business parents) that I encountered at the camp were not any smarter than those people who lived in my neighborhood.

Thus began my years of study to understand why success disparities in business happen. My study has taken me to an explanation of what drives success and failure among individuals, families, businesses, countries and even cultures. Here it is: We (and our businesses) become/achieve what we consistently dwell on/think about/act toward. The more your business acts powerfully and correctly in pursuit of the specific growth that you want, the more your business will achieve what you want.


You Can Achieve All Of Your Business Goals

What Does This Mean For You? Quite simply – You have the opportunity to define, generate and attract all of the business success you really want if you can focus on the things that you want your business to achieve, and think about them in the right way.

As a Business-Growth Coach to successful and growing companies I can tell you that the most successful businesspeople think about, talk about, and even dream about being successful, reaching their business goals, and solving their problems. They are obsessed with realizing their best business outcomes.

Because they dwell on the specifics of their business success, they leverage the tremendous power up their Reticular Activating System. The Reticular Activating System is the attention center in the brain. It is the key to “turning on your brain,” and is thought to be the center of motivation. It is the part of your brain where the world outside of you, and your thoughts and feelings from “inside” of you, meet. Most important for you, your Reticular Activating System makes you – – and by extension your business – – incredibly attuned to all the resources, strategies, techniques, action steps, and information that are important to your succeeding. Your Reticular Activating System is hugely powerful and can be controlled — by YOU.


Here’s how:

First – You Must Continuously Think Like Successful Business Folks

Successful business leaders don’t spend time dwelling on failures. Successful business leaders DO think about their business goals and their action-steps in pursuit of those goals. So should you.

Second – Release Dwelling On Business Failure

Businesses that are not habitually successful think and talk consistently about failure, scarcity, money woes, and past losses. This is why their businesses remain less than fully successful. What they think about is what life gives them. Don’t let this happen to you!

What Winners-in-Business Think

One of my favorite approaches to business-growth can be summed up with the following saying: “Stolen from the best with pride!” Applied to today’s topic, I would say that you can achieve the business success you seek if you find out what it is that successful businesspeople do, why they think about their businesses as they do, and then apply your learnings about their actions and thoughts to your business. Get your thinking properly aligned and you will bring the success you seek into your business.

Next Steps


To get cooking on thinking your way to the business success you desire, I have four steps for you.

1. Write up a list of the 10 key thoughts you must have in order to bring the success you want into your business. Do some homework on what successful businesspeople think If you need to do so.

2. Determine the people in your life that you can talk to about your business goals. Make the decision that you will talk more with those people who can help you move ahead than you have been. Get them out of your mind! Don’t dwell on the negative.

3. When faced with a business challenge that you need to deal with in order to reach your dreams, make a point of asking yourself, “What would it take in order for my business to overcome the challenge?” This one question can change your business destiny.

4. Take massive action in pursuit of your new thinking. Action plus your New Thoughts are powerful!


Change the way you think about your business and you will change the actions you take in your business. This leads to incredibly positive outcomes.

Remember – You DO deserve to live a great life.

Enjoy Life!

About Darryl L. Mobley

You may email Darryl at Info@CoachMobley.com. Known as the “Bulldog of Work-Life Balance,” Darryl Mobley is a top Life Coach, an in-demand Executive Coach, a Business-Growth Consultant, a Professional Speaker, and host of The Darryl Mobley Show: Your Life Coach On The Radio. For info, visit www.CoachMobley.com. Darryl is also president of the Association of Small Business Marketers. For info, visit www.BusinessGrowthAce.com. © 2010 Darryl L. Mobley

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