What Teenagers Say…

Teenagers say amazing things about
Darryl Mobley’s impact on their lives

Note: Names have been changed to maintain the privacy of these teenagers. Upon request we can provide you contact information for the schools and administrators of these students.

Mr. Mobley…

“You made me realize that I have to make things happen, not just wait around. I’m tired of waiting and I’m not going to wait anymore.” ~ Al

“You demanded respect and we gave it to you.”
~ Austin

“Your speech was amazing. I hope you come back soon. I shared your teachings with my friends and family.”
~ Kim

“You have changed me!” ~ Jennifer

“Your speech really helped me to realize the importance of writing goals and dreams down…” ~ Russell

“Your talk allowed me to actually care about the future.” ~ Kevin

“I thought you were going to be one of those boring speakers, but you were not! You were funny, blunt, and inspiring. You inspired me to be more goal oriented.”
~ Jacque

“You really inspired me. Now I really want to do my best.”
~ Cassie

“No wonder people pay you to speak and coach! You really inspired me to take steps to improve my life. I identified with the hard times you experienced while growing up. You made me believe that I could really make something of myself even though my surroundings are mostly negative.” ~ Beth

“Thanks to your meeting with us, I am now pushing out all of the negatives in my life.”
~ Jay

“I appreciate you and thank you for inspiring me to go for my goals.”
~ Aly

“I use to sit in self pity constantly. But when you came and met with us, something in me really changed. I have now begun enjoying things more and experiencing new challenges. I appreciate you. I hope you have an amazing life!” ~ Katie

“Before you came and shared your words of success, I wasn’t sure about my life goals because they seemed out of the reach. Because you spoke to me, I feel comforted that there is someone there to support me.”
~ Levi

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