Are You Worried About Your Teenager?


Life Coaching Will Help Your Teenager

  • Become More Focused
  • Live with a Better Attitude
  • Set Life Goals
  • Live with More Self-Discipline
  • Overcome Peer Pressure
  • Turn Dreams into Reality
  • Perform Better Academically
  • Solve Problems; not Cause Problems
  • Stay Away from Dream-Stealers
  • Choose Wisely
  • Read Comments From Teens (and Former Teens!) Below

    “It is not likely that you remember me, but years ago you made an impact on me that made all the Alphonsedifference. Darryl, I remember when you spoke to me and other students… You made such an impression on me… Your impact on my life has been incredible. My interactions with you and your influence led me to summer internships, which allowed me to make the money that paid my way through college, and opened the door for my corporate career. You probably don’t remember me. But I have never forgotten you.”
    ~ Frantz E. Alphonse, Graduate – Duke University and Harvard Business School – Managing Partner – AP Capital Partners

    How can you tell if your teenager
    needs LIFE COACHING?

    Answer these key questions and find out:

    1. Do you need some help with parenting?
    2. Is your teen bored?

    3. Is your teen hanging around underperformers?

    4. Does your teen have self-esteem issues?

    5. Have you tried therapy for your teen?

    6. Is your teen unfocused?

    7. Has your teen shut you out?

    8. Does your teen have a bad or sour attitude?

    9. Is your teen without goals?

    10. Is your teen living in your home when he/she should be out on his/her own?

    11. Do you constantly argue with your teen?

    12. Does your teen need a mentor?

    13. Does your teen make bad choices?

    14. Do you believe that your teen has great potential?

    15. Is your teen open to getting help?

    16. Is your teen wandering aimlessly through school?

    17. Has your teen gotten off track?

    18. Are you frustrated with your teen’s lack of effort?

    Answering “Yes” to even one of these questions means that your teen is not set up for a successful life. Frankly, living with these types of kids can be a living hell. (You know it’s true!)


    patobrien114x86“I sensed almost immediately that Darryl was a strong ally and that he did not just seek greatness for himself, but that he wanted it for those around him as well. He listened more than he talked, but he clearly communicated his position on various business & life topics. His comments came in the form of questions, not statements, and he quickly allowed me to get to the right answer without ever ‘telling’ me what it was.

    There have been many significant influences in shaping my life, values, and careers, but there is absolutely no question that Darryl Mobley helped me think bigger, work harder, and be more creative in my career and helped shape the philosophies that we share with students at Making It Count.”
    ~ Patrick S. O’Brien, Co-Founder, Making It Count

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  • How to Set & Achieve Goals
  • The Attitude You Have is the Life You Get
  • How to use Life’s Success Equations
  • Effective Conflict Resolution Tactics
  • How to Overcome Procrastination
  • The Four Keys to Inner & Outer Leadership
  • Getting Clear about What You Can Control In Your Life
  • How to Develop Self-Esteem
  • How to Solve Problems
  • How to Start a Business
  • The 10 Keys to Success & Achievement
  • How to Develop Self-Discipline
  • What to Do About ‘Crabs in the Barrel’
  • Beware the Dream Stealers
  • How Your Beliefs Determine What You Become
  • How to Communicate Effectively
  • How to Turn Your Dreams Into Goals
  • Where to Find Mentors
  • How to Improve Study Skills
  • How to Manage Your Time and Achieve More
  • How to Help Your Parents be Better Parents
  • The ‘Believe-Think-Act-Win’ Philosophy

    “Darryl Mobley has an uncanny ability to boil down the most important considerations in living a nancysur115x131fulfilled and happy life into simple, bite-sized, understandable, do-able steps. He helped me overcome fears of starting my own business. I now have two profitable companies, work from home to be with my kids, and call my own shots. Without the tools Darryl illustrated to me, I’d still be trying to juggle a 9-to-5 job, three kids, a husband, and a home, and no one would be happy.”
    ~ Nancy Sur, DaCosta Global

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    High-impact Teen Life Coaching from the Nation’s No. 1 Life Coach…

    Darryl L. Mobley – He’s helped achievers all over the world live their best lives. Darryl’s greatest pleasure comes from assisting others to realize their greatness. A darrylmobleyweb1legendary Life & Executive Coach, he’s worked with giant companies and the giants of personal development. He’s been called “the Best Life Coach on the Planet!”

    As one of the most popular Life & Executive Coaches in the country and an in-demand professional speaker, Darryl teenstackbanner6uses his SUCCESS AND ACHIEVEMENT Life Coaching course to provide teenagers with no-nonsense, common sense advice infused with a strong sense of personal responsibility; he’s been doing it successfully for more than 20 years, reaching clients around the world. He travels the world to give sold-out presentations before thousands of men, women and children. Darryl has worked with thousands of teenagers.

    He’s authored books, which range from instant classic (“Enjoy and Grow Rich”) to provocative (“100 Worst Relationship Mistakes and How to Fix or Avoid Them”) to poignant (“Hell Has a Long-Term Lease and 400+ Things I Want My Kids To Know”) to compelling (“109 Ways To Create A Life Worth Living: Secrets & Action Steps That You Can Use To Succeed Personally & Professionally And Live Your Dream Life”).

    As a boy, Darryl picked fruit with migrant workers, walked country roads in search of bottles he could sell, caught snakes to sell to pet stores, rode as a jockey in horse races and worked as a janitor to raise money for the plane JOIN-NOW1WEBfare to attend West Point – the U.S. Military Academy. An accomplished athlete, Darryl played basketball, volleyball and lacrosse for West Point, where he also excelled as a leader. Darryl served as a Captain of Military Intelligence in the Army. He also earned his Masters degree and trained for the U.S. Olympic team. He’s been an Executive in Residence at a major university and a college Adjunct Professor.

    He has created a life of excitement (something of a thrill-seeker, Darryl has parachuted 100s of times, Run with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, partied at Carnival in Rio, dived for pearls in Tahiti, competed in the World Wife Carrying Championship in Finland, backpacked Asia, traveled the world…) and joy. Darryl is a husband and a very involved father… experienced at raising teenagers.


    kellilawson180x173“His clarity of thought, focused questions, and insights into how people are motivated and how things really work was amazing and life altering for me! As a coach, he is the best and is just what I needed!”
    ~ Kelli Lawson Richardson

    Here’s What Every Member of Darryl’s “Life Coaching for Teenagers” Gets:

  • Monthly In-Depth “Life Coaching for Teenagers” Teleseminars Covering Each Module in Detail – These very interactive sessions cover everything from how to set goals to improving attitude to self-esteem to self-discipline to communication to overcoming procrastination to study skills to managing time… and more, each member will receive solid coaching designed to get from where they are now stuck to where they really want to be.
  • Open Q&A Calls that answer your questions regarding each month’s topic live on the line. There are separate Q&A calls for each Teleseminar.
  • Private Mastermind Calls – upon joining Darryl’s “Life Coaching for Teenagers” Membership Group you may be assigned to a small mastermind group of members who meet on the phone twice a month with REGISTER-NOW2WEB your assigned leader. These regular peer check-in calls help make sure you stay on track and get your questions answered.
  • MP3s of All Teleseminar are made available for listening online or downloading to your iPod or other mp3 player.
  • PDF “Cheat Sheets” of the Key Points of All Teleseminars are available online for download.
  • Exclusive Private Email Address for you so that you can contact Darryl directly whenever you wish for one-on-one life coaching to deal with specific challenges & opportunities, ask questions, get feedback, share challenges and more.
  • Darryl’s “Life Coaching for Teenagers” Newsletter delivered by snail mail each month that outlines a particular success strategy step-by-step to make it easy to integrate into everyday life. Topics will be aligned with the module topics.
  • Darryl Mobley has charged and been paid $25,000 for one hour of his coaching time. That’s how good he is and makes the $29.97 fee to join his “Life Coaching for Teenagers” Membership Group far better than anything else you could get to help your teenagers. In fact, the average teen spends more than that on his/her coffee each month! Click Here to Join Now for just $29.97.


    “I watched and experienced the magic Darryl Mobley brought to a jammed roomful of people hungry for success. Each person was searching, and in many cases thirsting, for guidance on their tonyahinch108x160next big step. Darryl used a combination of personal experiences, audience participation, and professional material to guide each and every participant to reflect on their Life Goals. The room was electric with possibility during Darryl’s presentation. And I was not the only one to feel it. The time with Darryl was a life changing event.”
    ~ Tonya Hinch, President and Founder, LifePlanning Unlimited, Inc.

    A Message from Darryl to Teenagers

    “At the end of the day… at the end of the month… at the end of the year… at the end of your life, do you know what you’re going to be? You will be no more and no less than the goals you’ve accomplished and chased. Let me be direct:

    “In life — you don’t get what’s fair,
    you don’t get what’s good,
    you don’t get what’s nice,
    you don’t get what you deserve,
    you don’t get what you wish for,
    and you don’t get what you need.
    In life — you get what you do. Period.”

    “The greatest years of your life are ahead of you. Join the other teenagers that I Life Coach and… Let’s Get Started!”SIGNATURE2


    Teenagers say amazing things about
    Darryl Mobley’s impact on their lives

    Note: Last names have been removed to maintain the privacy of these teenagers. Upon request we can provide you contact information for the schools of these students.

    Mr. Mobley…


    “You made me realize that I have to make things happen, not just wait around. I’m tired of waiting and I’m not going to wait anymore.” ~ Al

    “You demanded respect and we gave it to you.”
    ~ Austin

    “Your speech was amazing. I hope you come back soon. I shared your teachings with my friends and family.”
    ~ Kim

    “You have changed me!” ~ Jennifer

    “Your speech really helped me to realize the importance of writing goals and dreams down…” ~ Russell

    “Your talk allowed me to actually care about the future.” ~ Kevin

    “I thought you were going to be one of those boring speakers, but you were not! You were funny, blunt, and inspiring. You inspired me to be more goal oriented.”
    ~ Jacque

    “You really inspired me. Now I really want to do my best.”
    ~ Cassie

    “No wonder people pay you to speak and coach! You really inspired me to take steps to improve my life. I identified with the hard times you experienced while growing up. You made me believe that I could really make something of myself even though my surroundings are mostly negative.” ~ Beth

    “Thanks to your meeting with us, I am now pushing out all of the negatives in my life.”
    ~ Jay

    “I appreciate you and thank you for inspiring me to go for my goals.”
    ~ Aly

    “I use to sit in self pity constantly. But when you came and met with us, something in me really changed. I have now begun enjoying things more and experiencing new challenges. I appreciate you. I hope you have an amazing life!” ~ Katie REGISTER-NOW1WEB

    “Before you came and shared your words of success, I wasn’t sure about my life goals because they seemed out of the reach. Because you spoke to me, I feel comforted that there is someone there to support me.”
    ~ Levi

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