“The Struggle Makes You Great” Manifesto Poster

“The Struggle Makes You Great” Manifesto

I wrote a manifesto long before I wrote my first book, had my first child, or started my first company.

I experienced some rough times while growing up. I saw tough times all around me. I also experienced and saw fantastic success. My studies of history’s super-achievers showed me that all true greatness came from tough times. One day I sat down and wrote exactly what I’d learned from my own life, my observations of those around me, and my study of greatness. I wrote about what I wanted from life and how to create a life worth living. It was to be something I referred to every day. The result became known as the “Struggle Makes You Great” Manifesto.

I have shared the “Struggle Makes You Great” Manifesto with more than 100,000 people in my speeches around the globe. It is encouraging and inspiring to see how the “Struggle Makes You Great” Manifesto connects with people no matter their country, language, culture, age, income level, or gender. More than anything else, the Manifesto allows others to dream, create, and live their very best lives.

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