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The short test below will help us to evaluate the state of your business and target specific problem areas you may have. We have developed this test based on over 20 years of research into why small businesses fail and what small businesses do that makesDarrylKVUEPointingCropWEB them flourish.

After completing the test, you will receive an email confirmation of your submission and additional information on your results, as well as a follow up email with a detailed analysis of your small business growth opportunities. This email will also contain personalized recommendations and handy business-growth tips you will use again and again, so make sure you enter your primary email below and add us to your safe sender list in any spam filters you may have running.

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1. Are you struggling to increase or maintain sales in your small business?

2. Are your current marketing efforts letting you down?

3. Would you like to attract more customers to your business?

4. Would you like to increase the sales or leads you get from the internet?

5. Would you like other companies to send your business a constant stream of prospects and customers?

6. Would you like to learn how to run your business more effectively, and stop having it run you?

7. Would it help you to know the impact on your sales and profits of every marketing action you take — BEFORE you take it?

8. Do you need a plan for doubling your sales?

9. Would a system that generates a constant stream of raving Testimonials and Referrals help increase your sales?

10. Do you need a Unique Selling Proposition that attracts customers to your business like bees to honey?

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