Darryl Mobley’s
Seven-Step, One-Day Parenting-Plan

Darryl Mobley’s Seven-Step, One-Day Parenting-Plan

by Darryl L Mobley

C’mon! You know you need a “Parenting-plan” if you really want to do your best at raising your kids into positive, productive adults who make you proud. Most people make detailed plans for what they will buy father+mom+child-webwhile grocery shopping. Most people make detailed plans for summer vacation travels. But very few folks develop a Parenting-plan for the most important job they’ll ever love (or come to hate, to be honest). You don’t need to kill a tree to create an effective Parenting-Plan. In fact, you can create a working Parenting-plan for your family in just one day. (How’s that for a promise!) There’s no time to waste. Go get a pencil and paper now and… let’s get started.

Step 1 – Understand Your Kids

A big mistake that many parents make is to not get a real understanding of what their kids think & value, and their decision-making process. I believe that you should know your kids better than they know themselves. Great Parenting involves manipulation. (Yes – it’s true.) Would you feel less uneasy if I substitute the word “guidance” in place of manipulation? Bottom line – if you know your kids better than they know themselves you stand a very good chance of getting across the Parenting finish line happy, proud and at peace with your journey.

It’s that simple.

To get an understanding of your kids you should ask yourself these questions, among others:

– Who are my kids’ friends?
– What do my kids do in their free time?
– What are my kids’ life goals?
– What do teachers think of my kids?
– What are my kids’ strengths and weaknesses?
– What are the one or two things about my kids that I would change, if I could?
– What could I do to help my kids become great?

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Step 2 – Understand The Competition for Your Kids’ Attention

Knowing your competition is the first step to winning the Parenting game. Until you know (1) the people/things/companies that want to influence your kids, (2) what they want your kids to do and how they plan to motivate your kids to do what they want them to do, and (3) why your kids value (or might value) these influencers, you can’t prepare an effective Parenting-Plan.

Step 3 – Develop Goals for Your Kids

You are crazy if don’t develop goals for your kids. I invite you to attend one of my workshops (or have me hold a workshop for your organization) if you don’t know this to be true. Here’s a quick & dirty way to develop goals for your crumb-crunchers, no matter their age:

L – Decide what you’d like your kids to get from life.
E – Decide what you’d like your kids to experience during their time under your roof.mom+baby-web
A – Decide the kinds of people you’d like your kids to attract into their lives.
D – Decide what you want your kids to do/learn/know over the next month, 6-months, year, and three years.

The answers to these questions will keep you focused during the whirlwind that is day-to-day living with a child.

Oh yeah. Develop a plan of action based on your answers. Follow the plan. (Contact me if you need help in this area.)

Step 4 – Develop Your Parenting-Messaging

Your Parenting-Messaging is best understood as the three to five core/key statements that you repeat day in and day out to, about, and around your kids. Think of it as brainwashing, if you have the guts to do so. Think of it as advertising, if it helps you to sleep better. Whatever! You will need to repeat, repeat, and repeat some more what you want your kids to absorb so that you overwhelm all of the negative & conflicting messaging that attacks your kids 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

One of my endlessly repeated core statements to my kids is “I love you.”



Step 5 – Determine Your Parenting-Platforms

Great speakers, leaders, and parents need a stage from which to reach their audiences. Your Parenting-Platforms are the stages from which you relentlessly deliver your Parenting- Messages.

My Parenting-Platforms include:

– During dinner
– Over breakfast
– During car rides
– After games my kids play
– After they make mistakes
– When they succeed

Step 6 – Set Parenting-Goals

Parenting-Goals are critical to your success as a parent. Parenting-Goals are those things you will get done as a parent that will allow your kids to reach their potential. Further – If you haven’t written down your Parenting-Goals, you’re just wishing for success and are unlikely to realize any meaningful goals.

Your Parenting-Goals should include what you will do to enable your kids’ academic, health, social, spiritual, career and personal development.

Once you’ve established your Parenting-Goals, start taking actions each and every day that move you closer mom+daughter-webto making those goals come true.

Step 7 – Develop Your Parenting-Timeline

A Parenting-Timeline is a written document that sets dates regarding when your kids will achieve the goals you’ve set for them, when you will achieve the Parenting-Goals you’ve set for yourself, when your kids will do the things that lead to accomplishment of the goals you’ve set for them, and when you will take the actions necessary to reach each of your Parenting-Goals.

Hold yourself to the timeline.


There you have it, my Seven-Step, One-Day Parenting-Plan. It’s as powerful as it is simple.

Don’t make the development of your plan a painful, drawn-out task. I also counsel you to not make a desire for perfection stop you from getting started with what you come up with in just one day.

One final word of advice: Make sure you set aside uninterrupted time to develop your Parenting-Plan. You may find it to be the most important day of your parenting journey.

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If you want Darryl to work with you on parenting,
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Enjoy Life!

Darryl L. Mobley
“Best Life Coach on The Planet!”
“America’s Life Coach”

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