Create A Life Worth Living Newsletter

“What My Father’s Death Did For Me.”


How can you use challenging times
to live your BEST life?

Turn up your speaker volume and
use what you learn before your head hits the pillow tonight.

Issue 18 / Volume 4

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Create A Life Worth Living Newsletter

  1. Dimetrous Nixon says:

    Hi Darryl. This was a very inspiring message. I am glad that what you experienced with your father’s illness made you what you are today. After speaking with you just once, I think that you had it in you all along. I think you always knew, this just reinforced your thinking. Sometimes it takes a crisis to bring it out.

    Darryl – I spoke with you in 2008, and just that one time, after speaking with you, I knew what I wanted to do, and not only that I did it. Thanks for all you help.

  2. admin says:


    Thanks for the thoughtful comment. A crisis will make us or break us. It’s a choice we all have to make at some time in our lives.

    ~ Enjoy Life!

    Darryl L. Mobley

  3. CharLee says:

    I am at the public library; listening to music and trying to access your msg at the same time..the system won’t allow me to do both…but I felt led to spk on the msg anyway…

    First of all let me express my greatest emotions for your loss;my parents are each hovering around 80 and I am always reminded of what a blessing it and at the same time that one day…

    Based on your online persona and the time I participated in to a phone conference; I am sure you learned perserverance, gratitude and responsibility from your father…What I appreciate, about part of your father’s legacy is that you learned to pass it on to countless of others; thus making this A Life Worth Living for those of us that remain…
    Peace 2U and Yours

  4. admin says:


    Thank you for your thoughts on this message. What we pass on is our essence.

    Enjoy Life!

    Darryl L. Mobley

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