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I don’t have to tell any of you that throughout the history of the world, some people have sought to control other people’s lives. From the garden-variety politician to dangerous dictators — they all fancied themselves as the anointed ones. And, when people seek to control your life, it’s usually for their benefit, certainly not for yours. It is all darryl_mobley-article-photoabout power. Those who have the power try to exert mastery over others.

Thankfully, we live in societies that have evolved. People are becoming much more aware of their power. We have started to realize the power we have to control our own destinies and our ability to achieve Self-Mastery. We are no longer as reliant upon, or freely accepting of, slick talking politicians telling us what to do or how to think. And that’s a good thing.

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Information is the Key

The most exciting thing that I will share with you today is that the key to individual Self-Mastery is available to all of us. Each of us can achieve our own degree of Self-Mastery, and therefore, reach all of our goals, and all of our dreams for ourselves, our family members, and our loved ones.

The key to our individual Self-Mastery can be summed up in one word. That word is, “Information.” Those who have access to information can have power. They can transform themselves and others in ways that were unimagined just a few years ago

The Question is Obvious

What I’ve said about the power of information leaves an obvious question. But before I get to that question, a few points.

I think that all of us understand that the knowledge needed to transform anyone’s life is available to everyone.

– It’s available to the drug addict on the street corner, just as it’s available to the kid in college.

– It’s also available to the grandmother.

– It’s available in libraries.

– It’s available with further schooling.

– It’s available in eBooks online.

– It’s available in teleseminars.

– It’s also available in this Special Report.

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The opportunity to pick up on the specialized information that we need to transform our lives is everywhere. Given this, now the question: Why do some people generate incredible results, while others scrape by?

Asked another way, “Why isn’t every person empowered, wealthy, healthy, achievement-oriented, and successful?”

The reality is that even in our high-tech, high-knowledge world, just having information is not enough. If all any person needed were ideas – then everybody would be on top of the world. We’d all be rich in accomplishments.

The Transcendent Power of “Action”

The truth is that action is what turns information and ideas into achievement.

Action is behind every great Success. Action leads to achievement. Information and knowledge are only potential, until they get into the hands of someone who knows how to make himself or herself take effective and powerful Action!

I have long observed that we all get great opportunities in our lives. The difference is that only a very few recognize and take action with their opportunities.

Self-Mastery is all about the ability to Take Action!

What you achieve in your life is determined by your ability to take individual Action!

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Sometimes we get into the self-destructive trap of thinking that those who’ve achieved tremendous success were lucky or have some unique “gift” that we as normal people don’t have. The reality is that the gift that they have is not a secret or unique or even, a “gift!”

The “gift” they have is the courage to take effective and Powerful Action. As a result, they have the ability to achieve Self-Mastery. I cannot emphasize enough that each of us can develop Self-Mastery. Each of us!


Others besides Harriet Tubman (conductor on the Underground railroad), Ray Kroc (McDonald’s), Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington (the Wizard of Tuskegee), Walt Disney, and Rosa Parks (the Mother of a Movement), could have taken the action that they took. Those legends were able to take action and by doing so changed the way you and I now experience the world we live in.

This Special Report is all about taking the kind of Powerful Action that will lead to tremendous results for you. Isn’t that what you’re really interested in? Isn’t that what you really want out of your life? Of course it is.

You want to produce the kind of results that lead to tremendous achievement, success and happiness in your life. By taking effective and powerful action you can achieve your dreams. You have to believe that for it to be so. No person can stop you from achieving your true destiny, if you train yourself so that you take effective and powerful action with information.

People who have achieved success created that success. People who have achieved mediocrity (or worse) have created that too, because of the actions they did or did not take.

When you have developed Self-Mastery, you will be able to do things such as take action to make yourself happy, simply by adopting the physiology that creates the feeling of happiness. You will be able to take action by picturing in your mind the images that create Success. You will be able to take action and change the way you speak to yourself and therefore change the way the world responds to you. You’ll be able to take action by changing your body movements so you experience happiness, ecstasy, passion, compassion, sympathy, empathy, love or any other emotion. Imagine the inner power!

You may find some of this hard to believe. You may not believe (just yet) that it is possible to change the way you feel… that it is possible to change the way you see things… that it is possible to change the way you perceive things… that it is possible to change the level of success you achieve. But it is possible to change all of these parts of your life and more!

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There was a time when it was difficult to imagine a man making it to the moon. It was thought impossible to run a mile in under four minutes. There was a time when it was difficult to imagine communicating via the world wide web. All these things and so many more are now realities because some chose to change the way they thought. They chose to believe that these things were possible. Their belief structure allowed them to seek out and master information that made the impossible into reality.

Giving you powerful Information is what this Special Report is all about. But you must take action with this information! With information and action, you can join the many other Super-Achievers who have achieved Success.

Coach Darryl Mobley

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