Do You Have A Plan For Your Kid
To Get Into A Top College?

Do You Have A Plan For Your Kid To Get Into A Top College?

by Darryl L Mobley

June 16 – 10:38pm – Twenty-seven months ago a friend of mine called me and asked what he needed to do to help his daughter get into a top college. His daughter had been – to that point – a solid, high B student. My friend knew that I had college-coached more than 200 high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors over the past several years – with the objective being to help them diploma-mortar_board-webget accepted into great schools that matched their abilities and interests. This work with students is an extension of my successful Life Coaching work of the last 20 years. I told my good friend that the best way to get accepted by the very best colleges was to put together the right blueprint-for-success and then for the student to follow the blueprint. He then asked if I would college-coach his daughter and develop her blueprint. I agreed to do so.

I just got off the phone with that friend and his daughter. That conversation – and my friend’s request, along with my own child’s recent high school graduation – motivated me to write this note to all the parents who read my newsletters.

My friend’s daughter graduated from high school just a few days ago, in early June. She had followed the personalized blueprint I developed for her. The steadfast effort she put forth led to the following results: Acceptance by Northwestern, Harvard, the University of Texas, Duke, Brandeis, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UNC, Dartmouth, Georgetown, NYU, and the U.S. Air Force Academy, among others. Clearly, the list of schools accepting her was outstanding. But – I was not surprised by the results she got. Why? Because… she followed the blueprint.

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Let me be brutally honest. This young lady was/is no smarter than your average high school student. And – it’s true that the very top schools accept only around 10% of all the outstanding students that apply. However – she and her parents contacted me early enough (sooner is always better) and were fully committed to following the Application Blueprint I developed with them. As a result, she – like so many of the students I college-coach – went from average to distinctive. The Application Blueprint we committed to very specifically detailed:

– What schools really want to see in applicants
– Colleges that matched her academic interests
– The big, hairy secret to getting accepted by the school of your dreams
– Her Goals
– High school classes to be taken
– When and how to contact the admissions officers at the various colleges
– What she should do during the summer months to increase her chances of being accepted

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– Standardized test study/preparation strategies
– How to create an irresistible college application. This is really important
– How to use the secret Academic Index Calculation to predict her chances of getting accepted
– How to write college application essays that reflect the student and make admissions officers say “Wow!”
– School activities to take up
– Which standardized tests to take and which to avoid
– How to put together the mix of academics, athletics, leadership, arts & music, entrepreneurship and other extracurriculars that top colleges want to see in the application
– What goes on inside admissions committee meetings
– How to almost guarantee acceptance at a top college
– Step-by-step planning from start to high school graduation
– How to get teacher recommendations that really help your application versus those that really hurt
– How to get scholarships
– Her unique ‘hooks’

My friend was so jazzed up by the success his daughter experienced that he requested that I spread the word about my Application Blueprint Coaching. That’s why I wrote this note today. I do limit the number of students I coach. However, I know that many parents of 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th graders can benefit from my approach to college application success.

Did you know that many school district “distinguished graduate” curriculums don’t qualify the recipient for consideration for acceptance by top colleges?

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If you would like to speak with me about college-coaching your kid(s), please send a message via the link below. We will get back to you quickly.

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I’ve learned quite a few secrets during my time successfully college-coaching kids. I would like to share them with you during your child’s high school journey via my Application Blueprint Coaching.

A key disclaimer: My Application Blueprint Coaching requires focus and hard work. Both the parents and the student must have both if they are serious about getting into the right college of their dreams. Success is not so much about being singularly brilliant. That is not a requirement to gain acceptance to great colleges. The hard work I speak to is all about understanding that success won’t come from wishes. Success comes from what students do with the time they have. Success is all about what the student does. Period. Here’s my guarantee: If your child follows the Blueprint, s/he will significantly increase his/her chances of getting into a dream school. I promise.

Again – send me a message by

Clicking Here.

While I only work with a limited number of students at one time – please feel free to email this message to those who may be a fit with what I offer.

Let’s Get Started! The best is yet to come.

Enjoy Life!

Darryl L. Mobley
“One of the best life coaches on the planet!”
Known as “America’s Life Coach”
America’s No. 1 Life Coach for Teenagers

P.S. – Are you and your child working toward your college dream? Summertime matters.

P.P.S. – Can you believe that most parents leave their kid’s college acceptance to mere chance, harried school counselors, and their child’s ability to navigate the confusing college acceptance process? Really! That’s crazy-talk. Getting into great schools is harder than ever.

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