32 Great Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

When your love life is joyful —
Each Day is Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day can be about much more than doing that which is expected. Here are 32 unique ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. Pick 1, 2 or more ways to make this Valentine’s Day one you – and the one you love (or like, or want to like, or…) – will never forget!

1. Place a small love note with the three magic words written on it – ‘I Love You’ – and place it beside your love’s pillow.

heart-with-design-web2. Skip the dinner out – order in or make your love’s favorite meal and eat it by candlelight (even if it is Pizza Hut or McDonald’s).

3. Wake her (or him) up on Valentine’s Day morning with a single red rose and a short love note. Make the note sincere.

4. Make perfume for her. (Yes! YOU make perfume for her.) Here’s my “Asia Paradise” perfume recipe: Ingredients – 4 drops of musk essential/fragrance oil; 3 drops of frankincense essential/fragrance oil; 4 drops of sandalwood essential/fragrance oil; and 2 teaspoons of jojoba oil. Directions: Mix all the ingredients together. Shake well. Place in a dark color bottle. Let the perfume settle for 12 hours. Store in a cool dry area.

5. Take a vacation at home: Prepare a meal, select a wine, choose some flowers, and play music from your (both of you) dream vacation destination.

6. Go slow dancing… in your own home. Play some good music, light some candles, and break out the chiled bottle heart-with-arrow-webof champagne.

7. Write love letters to her (or him) – one each day – from February 14 to February 28.

8. Get those 2 – 3 movies you’ve been meaning to see, plop the DVD into your player, get under the blanket together and enjoy.

9. Write a poem for your love about all of the things you appreciate about him/her. Give it to your mate to read.

10. Make cologne for him. (Yes! YOU make cologne for him.) Here’s my “Loving You Is Easy” cologne recipe: Ingredients – 2 drops of vanilla essential/fragrance oil; 3 drops cedarwood essential/fragrance oil; 3 drops of sandalwood essential/fragrance oil; 15 drops of bergamot essential/fragrance oil; and 1/3 pt of 70 percent alcohol or vodka. (What? You think vodka is for drinking?!) Directions: Pour the vodka or alcohol into a bottle. Add all of the oils and shake well. Let the cologne rest for 7 days.

11. Don’t limit yourself to just giving 12 roses. Visit the local botanical gardens and take it all in together.

12. Give and get a massage… a most personal and intimate gift. Scented candles and Marvin Gaye songs will set the perfect mood.

heart-red-in-the-sky-web13. Go to the lake and sail with your love. It’s romantic. Pack a picnic lunch and lounge in the sun as you skim across the water.

14. Give her a gift certificate for a day at a spa, a manicure, a pedicure…

15. Begin or end your Valentine’s night with strawberries and chocolate fondue. My personal favorite!

16. Type up 10 things you love about your mate. Write a short sentence about each one. Print them out and cut each sentence onto its own page. Take each one and place them throughout your house. Watch as your love discovers these ways you love.

17. Chocolate is the food of love, of busted diets, and of joy! Learn how to make it together.

18. Take a ride throughout the city on a horse-drawn carriage. Snap pictures and enjoy the little things that you never before notice about the city.

19. Do the thing that your Valentine has been trying to get you to do or try.

20. Spend the day together photographing each other… outdoors and indoors. Be sure and get someone to take some photos of the two of you together. Then gather the best photos and frame them.

21. Go on a hot air balloon ride with your love.

22. Sit together and write romantic ideas on separate slips of paper. After you get a total of 52 romantic ideas on 52 pieces of paper, then place the slips into a jar. Every Saturday night heart-cloud-webfor the rest of the year, alternate who picks one and has to get it done by the following Saturday.

23. Go for a walk and talk together.

24. Have a picnic in your living room. Spread a blanket on the floor. Buy some wine, light some candles, and enjoy discussing your future together.

25. Make perfume for her. (Yes! I have a second recipe for you.) This is my “Love Unmasked” perfume recipe: Ingredients – 3 tablespoons of vodka; 2 cups of distilled water; 5 drops of everlasting essential/fragrance oil; 10 drops of peony essential/fragrance oil; and 10 drops of sandalwood essential/fragrance oil. Directions: Mix all the ingredients together. Shake well. Place in a dark color bottle. Let the perfume settle for 12 hours. Store in a cool dry area.

26. Decorate each other with chocolate. Let your inner-artist go wild! As always… Savor the Flavor!!

27. Reach out and touch. Remember when you first starting dating and you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other? You took every opportunity to grab a kiss or hug or squeeze hands. Use the power of hugs to bond with the woman/man who is special to you. Hug her in the morning. Hug her in the evening. Hug her at night.

28. Set goals together. This is really romantic. My wife and I do this at least once a year and we always get jazzed about our future together. We feel closer each time we do this. Be sure to write the goals down so that you can have a record of the things you accomplish together.

heart-in-a-cup150x15129. Play Scrabble – but use only Valentine’s Day-themed words.

30. Toast each other when you sit down to dinner. Tell her something you love about her and then drink to it!

31. If you’ve got the spare change – buy her a dozen fresh roses every week of the year. This will be a constant reminder of your love.

32. Make everyday your “Valentine’s Day.” Show love, give love, and receive love each day of the year.

I wish you and your love… All of the Love.

Enjoy Life!

(c) 2010 Darryl Mobley All rights reserved

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