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As I finalize my focus areas for the next year, I need to know what YOU will be focusing on. (I have become known as “America’s Life Coach” because I work to stay aligned with the great goals of good people such as yourself.)

To that end, I have a simple one question survey below that I am asking you to answer. It will take you just a few seconds to answer. The answer you share in this very short survey will help me help you and thousands of others!

What’s in it for you? I am going to give two (2) FREE round-trip airline tickets to each of the first ten (10) people who plane-in-sky-with-earth-clocomplete and submit the one-question survey! These tickets can be used to go to vacation destinations such as Hawaii, Mexico, Las Vegas, and so forth. Is this a super great deal? Yes! Do I believe that you should enjoy your life? Yes! Do I believe in closing the year with a huge bang? Yes!

Submit the survey now and you just might get a free round-trip plane trip for you and a friend.

I took a trip to the Caribbean. Where will you travel?

Once you complete and submit the survey you will get an email from us. If you are one of the first ten to complete and submit your survey, you will get another email from us within 3 days announcing you as a lucky winner. We will mail you the two round-trip tickets and all the details.

1. What are your three (3) top goals for next year?

Keep an eye out for an important email from us to confirm that you submitted this survey. Your survey will not be accepted unless we have your confirmation.

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