Want Work-Life Balance? Here’s How…

14 Things You Absolutely Must Do to Get Work-Life Balance

by Darryl L. Mobley

Life is sweetest when lived in balance. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! For more than fifteen years I have conducted research among both those who feel that their lives are balanced, and those who believe that their lives are way out of whack. I have seen that those in balance and those out of balance are not separated by education, upbringing, marital status, or even income. So, the obvious question: What separates them? Here’s the short answer: The actions they take day in and day out.

What I share with you below are 14 of the actions taken by those who enjoy the benefits of work-life balance. How powerful are these actions? They are so proven that I recommend them to those I executive coach.

1. Write down the 100 things you want to do, be, have or experience during your time on this earth.
Dream big. When you finish this list, you will be focused and more energized about each day of your life.

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2. Develop your vision book. A vision book is a special book that contains words, pictures/images, and other stuff that represents a visualization of the life you seek to live. Your brain will work 24/7 for you and attempt to achieve everything contained in your subconscious mind. The key to leveraging your amazing brainpower is to keep vivid images of what you want your life to be constantly fresh in your “mind’s eye.” Your vision book does this for you. I have developed a “My Vision Book™” that – when you complete it – will balance your every day and keep you focused on the life you want to live. Get your dream on!

3. Decide who you love. Carve out time each day to let that person – or those people – know how you feel about them.

4. Develop your 10 major Life Goals.
Keep the list with you always and refer to it frequently. You will find it easier to stay on track and be happy with the track that you’re on.

5. Limit your TV watching. TV viewing – with few exceptions – takes away your energy, your time, your initiative, and your engagement in real life. Surely you have more important things to do in your life than be a couch potato?

6. Keep a Journal so that you document the people, places, things, goals, and activities that are important to you. You should also keep a tally of the challenges you face, along with your successes, wins, losses, learnings, strategies and resources. This will become one of your most important assets.

7. Do something that you find “FUN!” at least once a week.

8. Carve out time – on at least 3 days a week – to exercise. All you need is 30 minutes of activity to make a huge difference in your fitness, your health and your quality of life.

9. When facing competing demands, ask yourself:
What’s the cost to me? Which one will move me closer to my life goals? Your answer will tell you which one to choose.

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10. Let go of the Dream Stealers (people, things, habits, etc.) that are holding you back from achieving your goals. You cannot soar with eagles if you hang with turkeys.

11. Stop any activities you currently take part in that are non-priorities.

12. Focus on the Important Things In Your Life. What things are you unwilling to die having left undone?

13. Call two friends every weekend.
You will stay connected and build the ties that last forever. These relationships are good for your heart – in more ways than one.

14. Join a Mastermind group that will encourage you in your quest for work-life balance. Such a group will keep you honest and hold you to a high standard.

What I’ve observed is that people get so caught up in work that they forget to live a full life. That – to me – is unacceptable. I promise you that when you uplevel your life with the 14 action-steps above, you will get the following benefits that flow from work-life balance:

· You will attract more positive people and opportunities in your life
· You will become passionate about your family & key relationship, your friendships, your career, and YOU!
· You will become a master at Making Time Work for You so that you do more & better work in less time

Remember – You DO Deserve To Live A Great Life.

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Enjoy Life!

About Darryl L. Mobley
Known as the “Bulldog of Work-Life Balance,” Darryl Mobley is a top Life Coach, an in-demand Executive Coach, a Business-Growth Consultant, a Professional Speaker, and host of The Darryl Mobley Show: Your Life Coach On The Radio. For info, visit www.CoachMobley.com . Darryl is also president of the Association of Small Business Marketers. For info, visit www.BusinessGrowthAce.com . You may email Darryl at Info@CoachMobley.com .

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