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Too many people live by this crippling mindset: “Someday I’ll be happy,” “Someday I’ll start my company,” “Someday I’ll make more money,” “Someday I’ll be in a great relationship,” “Someday I’ll spend more time with my family,” “Someday I’ll live a great life,” and “Someday I’ll achieve my goals and live my best life.”

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This fast-paced recording (mp3) of one of my presentations is about one hour in length and will cover:
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· What pity will do for and to you
· What you must have when you wake up each day
· How opportunity works
· Why being disagreeable destroys you
· How to use the Blessings of Disappointment to reach your goals
· The success-attracting power of enthusiasm
· The power of behavior
· How to have an everlasting impact
· Why your ice is as cold as it needs to be
· How to be a ‘playmaker’ in your life
· How to deal with negative people
· And much more!

Remember, I’m giving you a special recording of my very popular 10 Keys to Success audio CD as a special THANK YOU for being a success seeker in life – no strings, no obligations. I appreciate that you’ve been dedicated enough and kind enough to visit my website. You just pay a modest fee to cover shipping & handling.

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